How to choose a home health care agency

How to choose a home health care agency

When you are shopping for a home care agency, you are looking for a company that will assist you in providing for the health and safety of you or your loved one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t worry about taking too much of anyone’s time with your questions. This process is about you and your family. Also don’t hesitate to ask a question more than once if you don’t remember the answer. So ask whatever questions you feel is necessary like, Is the agency licensed by the state? Almost all states require licensing of home health care organizations. To confirm that an agency has met state licensing requirements, contact the health department in your state. In Colorado contact the Colorado Health Department at: 303-692-2000. If an agency is supposed to have a state license, but does not, then you should look for another agency. Another important thing to look for is if the agency can provide all of the services that you require. Home Health Care/Home Care terms can be tricky to someone who doesn’t know the medical terms. So again be specific with your questions. A great way to avoid this confusion of services to be given is Personalized Care Plans Ask the agency if they will develop a personalized care plan designed to meet your individual needs and requirements as determined by your doctor, your family caregivers, the home care agency and you? How often will this plan be revised and updated? Employee screening is a major factor in determining if the home care agency will provide excellent or poor care. The home health care agency should require a state police background check that is repeated annually, driver’s license and driving record background check, current Tuberculosis screening, recent physical, verification of current state certifications for all in-home caregivers, and complete verification of former employment. Caring Compassion also includes competency tests, Personality tests and 15 annual in-services. State minimum is 11. An agency also can but, should not refuse to disclose agency information within reason. Verification of licenses, insurance and even health department survey results. Honesty and integrity is what you’re looking for in a home health care agency.

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